Source code for uprate.errors

"""Contains all Exception(s) uprate raises

from __future__ import annotations

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING
from time import time as now

    from .rate import Rate

__all__ = (

[docs]class RateLimitError(Exception): """Raised when a Rate Limit is violated. Attributes ---------- retry_at : :class:`float` The unix timestamp of when to retry. rate : :class:`~uprate.rate.Rate` The rate that was violated """ retry_at: float rate: Rate @property def retry_after(self) -> float: """:class:`float` : The amount of time to retry after in seconds, might be negative if enough time has elapsed""" return self.retry_at - now() def __init__(self, retry_at: float, rate: Rate, *args): super().__init__(*args) self.retry_at = retry_at self.rate = rate
[docs] def __float__(self) -> float: """Return :attr:`.RateLimitError.retry_after` as a float Returns ------- float The amount in seconds to retry after. """ return float(self.retry_after)
[docs] def __int__(self) -> int: """Return :attr:`.RateLimitError.retry_after` as a ceiled int. Returns ------- int The ceiled amount of seconds to retry after """ return self.retry_after.__int__() + 1